Our Products

At  TheInteriorGallery.com you will discover a wealth of timeless treasures ranging from home furnishings such as custom mirrors and frames to life-size, hand-crafted replicas that are sure to draw crowds in your residential or commercial space.  We offer a world which unites luxury home decor and practicality, whimsical decor yet traditional pieces.  Here at theinteriorgallery.com, we will teach the world the art of painting with light in our extensive Tiffany lighting collection or how to create a plerifera of timeless reflections from our vast mirror and frame selections – just to name a few.  Better yet, we can astonish you with our truly, life-size statues and magnificent memorabilia ranging from the turn of the century with beloved personalities such as Charlie Chaplin and Betty Boop collectables.  However, if you’re one to favor mystery and adventure, let us entice you with our timeless relics from abroad.  In this collection, you will find that there’s more than meets the eye in our Egyptian handiwork applied to furniture to create amazing items such as cabinetry emulating  the extraordinary artwork and hieroglyphics of King Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus or planters nestled high upon the shoulders of ornately decorated Egyptian statues and Egyptian art work.