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Dinosaur Skeleton Sculpture Deinonychus

Dinosaur Skeleton Sculpture Deinonychus
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Name: Dinosaur Skeleton Sculpture Deinonychus
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Dinosaur Skeleton Sculpture - Deinonychus

This Raptor skeleton sculpture is a life size replica of Deinonychus dinosaur.  This dinosaur sculpture is made from durable poly-resin and is reinforced with fiberglass and then hand painted with the finest details.  Our beautiful dinosaur skeleton replica is suitable for indoor and outdoor display.

The incredible details depicted on this Deinonychus raptor skeleton truly make it museum quality. It is sure to attract crowd's attention and is a wonderful conversation piece

Deinonychus can basically be thought of as a scaled-up version of Velociraptor, being almost twice as long and twice as tall as its Mongolian cousin.  Deinonychus had a large sickle-claw on each foot, long arms with grasping hands, and a stiffened tail that would have helped the animal keep its balance as it ran after prey.

Dimensions: 73.5"L x 34.5"W x 77.5"H
Weight: 51.88 Lbs

Note: If displaying outdoors, we recommend a applying a coat of polyurethane as needed to protect from weathering.

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