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Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors


Turn your bathroom into an exciting spa experience with our comprehensive LED lighted bathroom mirror collection.
Mirrors featuring LED lighting are becoming increasingly popular. Not only is an LED lit mirror stylish, but it also has some other really great benefits as well.
1. Provides additional lighting to make tasks such as shaving or applying makeup easier
Evo Vanity Set
2. Environmentally friendly. LED lighting does not use gas or heated filaments, unlike incandescent bulbs which can produce a lot of heat and may contain traces or Mercury. Thus, making this style of lighting a much safer choice.
Essence Vanity Set
3. LED lighting won't make a humming noise like many older lighted mirrors do.
4. Highly efficient light source that provides more lumens per watt than the traditional light bulb. This means less power usage to use the same job and can actually lower your electricity bill.
5. Offers an ambient atmosphere and has a longer life expectancy than a regular bulb. has several Modern Bathroom Vanity Sets which feature LED lighting, take a look and find the perfect set for your bathroom!